72: Finding Your True Self through Yoga w/ Kelly Smith

Looking to take your yoga practice deeper? Make sure your practice is catering to YOU and you alone. Today’s guest, Kelly Smith, believes there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to yoga. Through online classes and podcasts, Kelly empowers her students to explore their personal practice beyond the poses.

Aileen and Kelly explore how yoga goes way beyond the mat, starting a business that others don’t believe in, and what it means to find and live your truth.

In this episode we explore:

1:10 – What yoga really is + The eight limbs of yoga
6:31 – Kelly’s journey and mission in Yoga For You
12:39 – Dealing with criticism when others think you’re wasting your time
17:17 – Mindful in Minutes – Using storytelling to create mindful moments
20:09 – Kelly’s daily routine as a “loud introvert”
26:10 – Two things you can do to get closer to an enlightenment point

Show Notes
  • You can never climb to the top of a hill if there isn’t a valley first.
  • Is this a fear that’s keeping me alive or is this a fear that’s keeping me from living?
  • People are never short on opinions.

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