73: Starting Your Zero Waste Journey w/ Jamie Kate Adoc

Every effort you make to help the environment matters, even if it’s not perfect. Today’s guest, Jamie Kate Adoc, is a nurse and photographer who has been living her own zero waste lifestyle since 2016. Through her blog and YouTube channel, she shares videos about travel, food, minimalism, and what it means to live zero waste.

Aileen and Jamie chat about why it’s important to educate yourself on sustainability, beginner swaps and hacks you can use to reduce waste, and the essential mindset you need when starting your lifelong zero waste journey.

In this episode we explore:

1:27 – Jamie’s definition of a “zero waste” lifestyle + What sparked her passion for it
4:54 – The hardest habits to let go of when going zero waste
6:42 – What you don’t know when it comes to recycling
9:50 – What Jamie says to people who say zero waste living is expensive
12:18 – Beginner swaps for newbies + How to travel with less waste
15:39 – Why you can’t be a perfectionist about zero waste living
16:59 – Jamie’s zero waste grocery shopping tips and hacks
21:39 – Navigating zero waste beauty and skincare
26:07 – Jamie’s tips for beginners – Finding your why + Comparison traps

Show Notes
  • Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you slip up. Use that experience to educate yourself on what to do next time.
  • It’s not a black and white lifestyle…It is a process.

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