75: Finding Your Light w/ Lynette Cenée

Imagine a loving, non-judgmental voice that speaks to you with tender words, telling you that you were created for a magnificent reason. That is your light source. Today’s guest, Lynette Cenée, is a beauty expert, YouTube personality, and believer in magic, love, and light. Through her work, she spreads the message that beauty is two-dimensional and that you are full of light.

Aileen and Lynette chat about the blessing and curse of being casted to start a YouTube channel, the heavy responsibility of being an online influencer, and what it means to be a broken vessel looking for light.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:30 – How a child of magicians ended up in beauty school and on YouTube
  • 4:34 – Getting handpicked by Michelle Phan + Joining Ipsy
  • 6:53 – How Lynette works love and light into the beauty YouTube community
  • 9:14 – The meaning of “2D beauty” + What Lynette says to people who think beauty is superficial
  • 10:52 – How to find your source of light outside of yourself and other people
  • 16:10 – Lynette’s morning habits to find her light within
  • 17:35 – Beauty and the Beat – A marriage collab to create music videos with a message
  • 20:04 – What it’s like to have a marriage buzzing with creativity
  • 22:09 – Two actionable steps to help you find your light
Show Notes:
  • While we can transform the outside…what's left when we take it all away?
  • Everyone has different paradigms they're coming from and why. That's what makes it a beautiful world to live in.
  • When the world is going through so much, the music always gets better.

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