79: Community Podcast Q&A #3

We’re back with the third episode of the Community Podcast! We have four members of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Community (from all over the world!) chatting about personal growth and lifestyle design: Calista, Amber, Claudia, and Esther.

The episode explores not taking your work so seriously, dealing with cycles of productivity and laziness, the one question to ask to find your Why, and how to balance responsibilities when you have a lot of them!

In this episode:

0:57 – Calista asks: How do you recalibrate your mindset in-between your highs and lows during your creative process?
4:13 – Calista's blog: Stories about recovering from trauma + developing a growth mindset
5:43 – Calista asks: As a creator, how do you deal with people constantly reaching out to you for personal help?
8:49 – Amber asks: Do you ever feel tired of being your best self? How do you balance authenticity with being consistent?
11:12 – Amber's take on being gentle with yourself
12:02 – Claudia asks: How did you find the Why behind your business?
14:59 – Claudia's Why + Flammae: the published novel that came from it!
18:42 – Claudia's recommended resources for changing your mindset
20:07 – Esther asks: What's your routine and schedule for balancing the type of work involved with Lavendaire?
22:09 – Esther's new journey to start her interior design brand
23:41 – Esther's reflections on potential and limiting beliefs

Show Notes:

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