81: How to Succeed on YouTube w/ Erika Vieira

If you’re an aspiring YouTube influencer, this is the must-listen episode for you. We have marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira of Beauty and the Vlog sharing her insights on not only how to succeed on YouTube, but what it means to be a successful and fulfilled influencer. Through the Beauty and the Vlog podcast and bootcamp, she helps video creators find success and share their passions online.

Aileen and Erika chat about having a personality that attracts success, the qualities all successful influencers have in common, and why even big YouTubers can lose their followings.

In this episode we explore:

3:07 – How Erika went from real estate to apparel to podcasting
7:24 – The benefit of doing the unglamorous, dirty work when you're starting out
12:43 – Beauty & the Vlog + The common thread between 100+ successful influencers
19:40 – Erika's top tips on how to grow your YouTube or blog
22:01 – How to create long-term success for yourself on YouTube
26:47 – Why your WHY should be leading your YouTube channel
27:59 – How BATV aligns perfectly with Erika's life purpose
35:28 – How YouTube has democratized the ability to share your purpose

Show Notes:
  • All of it boils down to really connecting with Why you’re doing it.
  • People want to see people that are excited and passionate about something, bc it gives them permission to be passionate and to go after their dreams.
  • There’s a difference between being successful and being fulfilled.

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