83: Shifting From Anxiety to Love w/ Corinne Zupko

The love and peace you're searching for is already inside you, waiting to be revealed. Today's guest, Corinne Zupko, had a lifelong journey with anxiety before revealing her own love through A Course in Miracles. Her book From Anxiety to Love shares the process she used to heal from her anxiety and start loving through love.

Aileen and Corinne explore Love with a capital “L”, how the ego keeps us away from peace, and why living in fear can only breed more fear in your life.

In this episode we explore:

1:17 – Corinne's anxiety journey: From a diagnosed 2-year-old to anxiety author
8:08 – The true source of anxiety: Believing we don't know Love
10:30 – Discovering the Love that already exists inside us
13:48 – Three steps to releasing your fears and shifting your mindset
18:23 – What it means to ask the universe for a miracle
21:05 – Corinne's favorite advice from her own podcast: From Anxiety to Love
23:55 – “The light in you is too bright to fail”: Words for when you feel like giving up

Show Notes:
  • Until we get to the root of the fear … it's free to come out in different forms.
  • I want love to be in charge.
  • The light in you is too bright to fail.

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