86: Bringing Color Into Your Life w/ Bernard Charles

Eat, live, wear color. This is how “The Color Mage”, Bernard Charles, lives his high frequency life. From poverty and struggle, Bernard found a home in the power of color therapy and psychology. Today, he's a LGBT thought-leader and author sharing that vibrant power with the world.

Aileen and Bernard explore how to incorporate color into your daily life, why you should get your aura read, and how to let the universe live through you.

In this episode we explore:

2:17 – Bernard's “Harry Potter wand moment” – How an orange scarf changed his life
10:49 – An intro to color therapy + color psychology
13:50 – How to incorporate color into your appearance, diet, and more!
15:51 – The magic and science of your aura
19:45 – Rainbow Revolution: Giving yourself permission to lean into color
23:48 – Bernard's driving force as an LGBTQ thought-leader
25:46 – How Bernard heals when he's not feeling his most vibrant
31:49 – Advice for those lacking confidence: Now is the time to do what you want to do.

Show Notes:
  • You have to give yourself permission to start over and push that reset button.
  • You have permission to manipulate the energy around you.
  • Color doesn't have a gender … Every color is for the soul.
  • I am love. I am light. I am color. I am home.

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