87: Craft a Life You Love w/ Amy Tan

Want to make a living by creating? Just know that your path won’t be straight and isn’t going to look like anybody else’s. Amy Tan, creator and author of Craft a Life You Love, will inspire you to do just that: craft a life you love, a life full of creative energy and flow, even if it takes a wildly unconventional path.

Aileen and Amy explore the power of sharing your goals, the importance of being creative just for fun (even if it’s your job), and striving towards work-life harmony instead of balance.

In this episode we explore:

1:17 – Amy’s accidental business journey: From arm warmers to handcrafted apparel
4:55 – 4 tips for creatives looking to connect with a mentor
8:48 – Amy’s self-publishing story + Getting picked up by a publisher
14:34 – How to stay connected with creative energy and find your flow
17:03 – Creative routines and rituals to stay inspired
20:26 – How to challenge yourself as a creative: Pick up new mediums
23:15 – HARMONY: Amy’s inspiration for work-life ‘balance’
27:50 – Advice for those who want to create for a living

Show Notes:
  • Only you are going to know what is going to be worthwhile for you.
  • You have the power within you to craft a life you love.
  • Know that your path isn’t going to look like anybody else’s.

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