88: Alternative Self-Help + Mental Health w/ Shannen Roberts

Let’s talk mental health. Today’s guest, Shannen Roberts, is the founding editor of The Strange is Beautiful (TSIB), a resource for accessible alternative self-help for mind obstacles (not “mental illness”!). Through the TSIB blog, zines, and events, Shannen and the TSIB staff create a positive community for understanding and healing your mental health.

Aileen and Shannen explore how different forms of yoga can heal or harm your mental health, signs from the universe, and how your dark moments help you come to light.

In this episode we explore:

1:05 – Shannen's mental health journey with anxiety and depression
6:08 – How trauma-informed yoga can make a difference in mental health
12:54 – Taking a holistic look at life: Where to start working with anxiety and depression
16:53 – How the universe helps you see what's right in front of you
24:55 – The power of awareness in healing from darkness
30:39 – Easing into discomfort to face your fears and anxieties

  • If you're not making the change fast enough, the universe will force you to do it eventually.
  • People will be very pushy, and you have to be okay with saying no.

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