90: Balancing Your Masculine & Feminine w/ Maddy Moon

Do you ever feel like you're out of balance, but no matter how hard you try, you can't find what you're missing and don't feel like you're ‘enough'? To start off Season 4 of The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast, we have Madelyn Moon sharing why you should stop trying so hard: What you're looking for is already inside you, and you can bring it out to find your balance, if you just slow down.

Madelyn is an author, podcast host, and transformational life coach, here to teach us about masculine and feminine energy, how to first accept then love your body, and making the decision that your life doesn't have to be difficult: it can be effortless.

In this episode we explore:
  • 6:56 – Growing up in a loving, but perfectionist Southern patriarchal family
  • 10:37 – The breakdown moment Maddy realized she was in disharmony with energy
  • 13:02 – What ‘feminine' and ‘masculine' actually means when it comes to energy
  • 15:14 – Archetypes + How to distinguish between masculine and feminine energy
  • 19:48 – Signs that your masculine or feminine energy is depleted or out of balance
  • 24:29 – Steps to strengthen our relationships with our bodies
  • 28:40 – “Boundaries, not barriers”: How to be authentic while protecting yourself
  • 32:17 – How to go with the flow when you're a person who likes to be in control
  • 37:17 – Releasing yourself from the “hustle culture” by choosing to live an effortless life
  • 41:39 – Rapid fire Q&A: Maddy's dream life, recommendations, best received advice, and favorite part about life
  • 43:42 – Parting words: You already have what you need inside you. It's not outside of you.
  • 45:35 – Aileen's personal takeaways and reflections
Show notes:
  • You learn to accept the curves of life … You learn how to accept the curves of your body.
  • Boundaries, not barriers.
  • We feel, if we are not going uphill, we're doing something wrong.

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