92: Journaling, Podcasting & Human Connection w/ Katie Dalebout

This one is for the journalers, podcasters, and anyone feeling disconnected from life and people. Today's guest, Katie Dalebout is the author of Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling and host of the Let It Out podcast, in which she has long and candid conversations with guests from every field.

Katie and Aileen reflect on the confusing “second adolescence” of being fresh out of college, how creating content helps you grow both online and offline, and how to journal in a meaningful and productive way (even when your mind is stuck).

In this episode we explore:
  • 2:42 – Katie's creator story: Blogging out of loneliness to podcasting for 6 years + earning a book deal
  • 8:49 – Balancing a full time job, being a creator, and struggling with health addiction
  • 12:50 – Katie's advice to her younger self who craved control: “Just do your best.”
  • 15:58 – How Katie's podcast became the turning point in her health addiction and eating disorder
  • 21:59 – Lessons from podcasting for 6+ years: Presence, connection, and leveling up
  • 26:28 – Secrets to landing the best-of-the-best guests for your podcast
  • 30:40 – Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling + Katie's favorite journaling prompts
  • 35:35 – Katie's process for setting goals and staying focused
  • 39:32 – What to do when you have so many thoughts but don't know where to start while journaling
  • 41:38 – Rapid Q&A: Katie's dream life, recommendations, life-changing habit, best received advice, and favorite part about life
Show notes
  • I want to be constantly grow until I die. That's why we're here.
  • When you ask yourself a good question, you'll get a good answer.
  • Being in relationships, romantic or otherwise, is quickest form of personal growth.

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Photo credit: Abbey Moore

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