Magic is All Around (Photoshoot)

Aileen Xu - Lavendaire - Daniel Nguyen 1Aileen Xu - Lavendaire - Daniel Nguyen 2Aileen Xu - Lavendaire - Daniel Nguyen 3Aileen Xu - Lavendaire - Daniel Nguyen 4

Aileen Xu - Lavendaire - Daniel Nguyen 5

A while back, I posted a vlog following my first photoshoot for Lavendaire. Here are my faves from the outdoor set. Photographer Daniel & his assistant Clay are true artists; they know what they're doing. I wanted the tone to be dreamy, soft, and imagined, so I seriously love how magical these photos turned out. I especially love that glowing tree from Narnia and Daniel's use of double exposure with the pink bouganvilleas (which, coincidentally, is the title of my first piece of published writing).

Now I'm deciding which photo(s) to use for upcoming Lavendaire releases and my website. Do you have a favorite?

photography by Daniel Nguyen

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