Money: Should you start investing?


Let's talk money! I want to introduce the basics of investing, compounding, top robo advisors and other millennial friendly investing platforms, because I recently researched this stuff and learned so much that I wish I had learned sooner! You can start investing even if you have little money.


Hope this video helps – again I must emphasize that I am NOT an expert, please don't rely on my info and do your own research by consulting credible resources. Links below!

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// Investing Resources
Investing 101: The Concept of Compounding
How to Start Investing
How much $$$ do you need to start investing?
Why you must start investing in your 20s: No excuses!
Strategy: Investing in Your 20s (where my numbers came from)
10 things you need to do before you start investing
Vanguard Risk Questionnaire

// Robo Advisors & Investing Platforms

Top Robo Advisors

Micro-Investing Platforms

Investing in Ideas

Free Stock Trading

Traditional Brokerages
Charles Schwab

// Comparing Robo Advisors & Platforms
Acorns vs Betterment vs Wealthfront
Betterment vs Wealthfront

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