Plan With Me: June 2021

Plan with me for June 2021! In this interactive video, we're reviewing May and planning our goals for June. This is a monthly planning series where we reflect on our progress and goals, using each month to move closer towards our dream life.

May Review

  1. Describe May in one word.
  2. Rate from 1-10: This month, I took steps to get closer to my goals & dream life.
  3. What were your highlights from May?
  4. What is one thing that you’re proud of?
  5. What is one thing that you’ve learned?
  6. How can you improve for the next month?

Bonus question: What does peace look like to me? What does play look like to me?

June Goals

  1. June will be __.
  2. What are your top three most important goals for the month?
  3. What are your mini-goals for June? (Fun habits or activities you’d like to do)
  4. Make a weekly breakdown for your goals and mini-goals.
  5. Put everything in your calendar!

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