Q&A Vlog | Dream Life Series #9

Answering your questions from the Dream Life Series about dealing with laziness, negative people, and self doubt. I thought I’d switch it up visually by taking you along with me on my short trip to San Francisco! I went to SF to speak at LinkedIn and had so much fun exploring and seeing friends!

Q&A Timestamps

  • [1:02] Goal setting for students still in school
  • [2:53] How do you handle people who are in the way of your dream life
  • [4:50] How do you deal with laziness – “I will try something and end up being lazy again”
  • [7:50] What if your fear is a reality, that you have no/less talent to achieve your dream
  • [9:54] How do you keep up with your routine when you have to travel? How do you adjust your mindset as well as routines when your original plans fall apart or when you’re not progressing at the rate you expected?

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