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Lessons on relationships with your loved ones. I'm finally back with the final video in the #GYLTchallenge series! It was easy to focus on relationships bc I genuinely appreciate time spent with friends & family.

But it was difficult to edit bc this was so personal and I cared more about this piece. I also wanted to make it helpful rather than just a vlog of my week with family. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these lessons/reminders and this peek into my life. Love you~

P.S. Remember how I talked about moving out of my apt bc of the annoying traffic noise? Now you got to see the view of the main street from my apt and I hope it makes more sense haha. Also, I might have lagged on uploading this video bc I wanted to wait until we moved out 🙂

P.P.S. I think this is the most wholesome video I've ever uploaded lol.

GYLT Series

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