A Sprinkle of Motivation…

Here's something that might nudge the dreamer in you: Notice how successful people will always tell you that you can achieve your dreams; those who tell you you can't are those who haven't accomplished great things.

I was chatting on another podcast about this today in one of the most energizing and uplifting conversations I've had in a while. The host, Alexis, asked how I was able to push through fear and believe in myself in the beginning of my creative journey.

Honestly, in the beginning when I felt like no one believed in me—people were telling me “you can't” and “you shouldn't try”—I turned to interviews of people I admire for inspiration. Alicia Keys, Michelle Phan, Oprah, Beyoncé… I noticed that all of them shared words of empowerment and believed that anyone could become great too. Successful people always believe that you can make it too. So I leaned on their words like my life depended on it (and it did).

It's during these early stages that believing in yourself is extremely important. If you're experiencing any self doubt or doubt imposed by your family or peers, remember that everyone is a mirror, projecting their fears and insecurities on you (yourself included). Those who tell you you can't are those who haven't been able to accomplish it themselves. You can't blame them, because that's all they know. And they might just be trying to protect you—which is why sometimes it's our dearest loved ones trying to stop us from pursuing our big, crazy dreams.

I just wanted to remind you that whatever you're going through, you can do this. You can handle it. You can make it happen.

Everyone is rooting for you.

Don't believe me? Share your biggest, craziest dreams in our Facebook community. I promise you'll find the support and encouragement you need.

Hope this helps, if even a little. Wishing you the very best in your journey!

Love + light,

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