Vivid Vision Exercise to Plan Your Dream Life

Today I'm sharing a journaling prompt & exercise called Vivid Vision for envisioning the details of your dream life and dream day. This is an exercise that's helped me tremendously in my life. I keep my Vivid Vision notes on my phone and read them daily to remind myself of the life that I'm working towards!

Download a copy of my Vivid Vision

Tips for creating your vivid vision:

  • Be as detailed as possible! Where do you see yourself in your ideal life?
  • Bring in your senses & emotions, so that you can literally FEEL how it feels to be there
  • Cover all important aspects of your life: health, relationships, career, personal growth, happiness, creativity, adventure, etc.
  • Write it down in your phone, on your desktop or pin it to your wall because you want to READ THIS OFTEN. Good luck!

Giving credit where it's due – these are the sources where I learned the various versions of the Vivid Vision exercise:

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