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I've been meaning to share this bite-sized words of wisdom since I watched the Tony Robbins documentary, I Am Not Your Guru. Let me know what you think about this perspective in the comments!

“Your problems are your gifts.” – Tony Robbins

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Someone asked “What if my problem is laziness? How is that a blessing?” — Thought I'd share my answer with you all 🙂 I've mentioned this in a previous podcast (ep. 11) but I don't think I've shared it in this context. My “laziness” was my blessing that led me to the beautiful life I live today.


My real life example… people would consider me “lazy” when I had a huge problem waking up early… I could never make it to class on time (if at all) and I always made it to my internships/jobs late. It was SO hard for me to wake up early to go to work at 9 every day. I got fired from a couple internships because of it. My high school ASB teacher told me I'd never make it in the work force if I kept up these bad habits. … That “laziness” motivated me to be my own boss and create a life where I can work on my OWN schedule and also do something that completely motivates and fulfills me. Now I get to sleep in AND get work done. Lol. You see how my “problem” guided me to where I needed to be and was really a blessing?

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