YouTube NextUp 2016 Vlog


I spent a week at YouTube Space LA with 20 creators to learn camera, sound, lighting, editing and improve our craft! What an amazing experience.

BTW I accidentally deleted a lot of footage from the 2nd half of the week ? Wish I could have showed more of our shoot day (because it was my favorite part) but alas, some salvaged snaps will have to do.

Check out all the amazing creators from my YouTube NextUp class!

The Stay at Home Chef (Cooking and Recipes)
Kyle Toth (Woodworking)
MeepyGal (Car Vlogger)
KoolySmiley (Vlogger)
Walking With Giants (Mini Food)
Chloe Temtchine (Singer)
Four Eyes (Woodworking)
NaniNaniKids (Kids Videos)
Ryan Shirley (Magic Videos)
Sirajology (Computer Science)
How to ADHD (ADHD)
Zoe Hong (Fashion Illustration)
A&M (Vlogger)
Jerry James (Vegan Cooking)
Sven (Video Editing Tutorials)
Archiezzle (Military Life)
Photos in Color (Photoshop Tutorials)
Sprice Machines (Domino and Chain Reaction Videos)
Practical Folks (Game of Thrones Reviews)

// videos my group worked on

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