Zero Waste Kit // Tips for Zero Waste Beginners ft. Jamie Kate

Going zero waste is a process and it's not always straightforward or easy. One of the first things you can do in your zero waste journey is build your own zero waste kit! I learned so many tips from my friend, zero waste blogger Jamie Kate, and wanted to bring her on my channel to share her tips with you.

Listen to my podcast interview with Jamie Kate & learn more about her zero waste journey!

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One major thing I learned was that there is no “perfect zero waste” life. This is a continuous journey that requires small changes over time. Personally, I like using the term “reduce waste” rather than “zero waste” because true zero is practically impossible. I only use the latter term because it's the name for the movement and what people are searching.

Honestly for a while I was afraid to make another zero waste video after my first one became popular and I received a lot of judgement. I didn't want to seem inauthentic making videos on the topic if my life didn't look like a real “zero waste” lifestyle. Now I realize that you don't have to be perfect with going zero waste. All you need is the desire to improve and make progress with reducing your waste. Release the judgement on yourself and on others, and just do your best however you can. Strive for PROGRESS, not perfection.

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