65: How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t w/ Andrea Owen

Give yourself a break to be human and fall apart. We promise you will always come back out of the darkness and stop feeling like sh*t. Today’s guest, Andrea Owen, is a life coach who wants you to be a new kind of strong by feeling your feelings – all of them – instead of numbing and pushing them down.

Aileen and Andrea chat about what it’s like to be at rock bottom, the top self-destructive habit holding women back, and the one question you can ask to change the way you can support people you love.

In this episode we explore:

1:20 – From failed relationships and love addiction, to taking responsibility for happiness
5:53 – What is codependency and how is it in all of us?
9:33 – Allowing yourself to be human + Seeing “negative” emotions as neutral
12:36 – When are we allowed to numb ourselves with Netflix and Pringles?
15:26 – Why Andrea’s changing the definition of “strong” for women
17:35 – “Nobody dies from feeling their feelings” – Confronting what it means to fall apart
21:14 – Two action steps to stop numbing your emotions
24:33 – Andrea’s top tip from How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t

Show Notes
  • We can’t bury our feelings alive and expect them to die.
  • I want to change the definition of being strong to actually feeling your feelings and reaching out for help.
  • Nobody dies from feeling their feelings.
  • We are fireproof when it comes to walking through the fire of emotions.

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