98: Closing the Gap Between Science & Spirituality w/ Theresa Cheung

Bestselling spiritual author Theresa Cheung is back on the podcast to talk about seeing the future and living in the present with her two new books: The Premonition Code, sharing insights into the research around extrasensory perception; and 21 Life Changing Rituals, highlighting what you can do every single day to get out of your head and start attracting what you want.

Aileen and Theresa talk about why there's more scientific investigation into spiritual topics, Theresa's fresh take on the culture of “positive thinking”, and why she wants to be a “woman of action” more than anything else.

In this episode we explore:
  • 3:20 – The Premonition Code: Teaming up with a leading expert in the science of consciousness
  • 12:26 – The most surprising part about studying spirituality in a scientific way
  • 18:15 – Common premonitions people experience, what they mean & training your precognition muscle
  • 28:03 – Rituals: 21 life-changing habits you should start doing and stop thinking about doing
  • 33:39 – Theresa's own experience with Ritual's 21 habits + Showing the universe you deserve success
  • 35:33 – What Theresa's excited for next: New books + Exploring narcissism from a spiritual perspective
  • 38:20 – Rapid Q&A: Theresa's dream life, recommended resource, life-changing habit, best received advice, and favorite part about life
Show notes:
  • Every time somebody improves their life, it helps the planet.
  • The universe wants to see you do positive ‘doing'.
  • A lot of us just think if we dream and hope enough, that it's going to happen, but it's not. We have to get out there and do.

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