89: About Songwriting, My Boyfriend, & Learning to Love Unconditionally

It's the Season 3 finale of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast! In this episode, I share exciting things coming for Lavendaire, insights on my relationship with my boyfriend that I've never shared with you all before, and a first listen of my new song about love.

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Behind the Scenes of the Business: 2018 Artist of Life Workbook Vlog

Starting a business is not a straightforward path. Here's my journey to launching the 2018 Artist of Life Workbook! This was a hard vlog to edit. I chipped away at it for months and put off finishing it for weeks. Finally made myself tackle this because although part of me thinks this might be “too boring” for some of you, the other part knows that it can be helpful to someone out there. At the least, it can shine a light on what goes on behind the scenes of building a business.

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The 2017 Artist of Life Workbook

Create your most intentional year with the 2017 Artist of Life Workbook! The 2017 Artist of Life Workbook is a personalized guidebook filled with exercises to help you clarify your vision, goals, dream lifestyle and how to properly plan, organize, and execute to make it all happen. This workbook also comes with a free webinar on goal … Read more