119: About Betrayal, Learning to Stand Up For Myself & Turning Pain into Purpose (The Story Behind ‘Honestly’)

Hi loves! It's a special solo chat for the podcast this week. I'm sharing a story I've never talked about publicly before: a painful experience I had in my early YouTube days where I learned that people I considered to be genuine friends, had never thought of me in the same way.

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89: About Songwriting, My Boyfriend, & Learning to Love Unconditionally

It's the Season 3 finale of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast! In this episode, I share exciting things coming for Lavendaire, insights on my relationship with my boyfriend that I've never shared with you all before, and a first listen of my new song about love.

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1: Be Stronger Than Your Fears, Bolder Than Your Insecurities

Welcome to the first episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle! In this new podcast, I will be diving deeper into my personal life stories, and sharing all the lessons that I've learned and wisdom I've gained about creating your dream life. New episodes will be released every Sunday.

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