94: YouTube + Growing Up on the Internet w/ Amanda Lee

“Work hard and be nice to people.” This simple advice was given to artist and YouTuber Amanda Lee, and it has taken her farther than she could have ever imagined. Amanda started her channel as a high school freshman and six years later, she has grown to over 1 million subscribers who love her creative videos on doodling, journaling, and calligraphy.

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81: How to Succeed on YouTube w/ Erika Vieira

If you’re an aspiring YouTube influencer, this is the must-listen episode for you. We have marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira of Beauty and the Vlog sharing her insights on not only how to succeed on YouTube, but what it means to be a successful and fulfilled influencer. Through the Beauty and the Vlog podcast and bootcamp, she helps video creators find success and share their passions online.

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My Night / Evening Routine


I keep my nighttime routine pretty simple. My favorite way to wind down is to indulge in skincare—I'll usually layer multiple products to make my skin feel a-ma-zing~ Then I always try to keep track of my life, review my goals, and do some reading on my iPad or on Audible. How do you wind down at night?

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1: Be Stronger Than Your Fears, Bolder Than Your Insecurities

Welcome to the first episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle! In this new podcast, I will be diving deeper into my personal life stories, and sharing all the lessons that I've learned and wisdom I've gained about creating your dream life. New episodes will be released every Sunday.

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