High Vibe Morning Routine

Taking this self care day to get my life together again. These are a few habits that always help me feel better about myself: meditation, eating healthy, reading, yoga, cleaning & decluttering, skincare.

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How to Get Your Life Together | Reset Routine

When I return from travel and my life feels like a mess, this is how I get my life together again. These are 13 things I've done this week to reset my life and recharge my mind, body & soul. When I feel imbalanced, self care becomes my #1 priority. Self care involves taking care of yourself but also taking care of your space and the things that you own, because it all comes back to you in the end.

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My Night / Evening Routine


I keep my nighttime routine pretty simple. My favorite way to wind down is to indulge in skincare—I'll usually layer multiple products to make my skin feel a-ma-zing~ Then I always try to keep track of my life, review my goals, and do some reading on my iPad or on Audible. How do you wind down at night?

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