258: The Science of Happiness: The Path to True Joy with Stephanie Harrison

What if true happiness isn’t about chasing achievements, but about embracing your authentic self and making a positive impact on others? In this episode, we explore the dynamic between “Old Happy” and “New Happy,” inviting you to redefine success on your own terms. Discover how embracing who you are and contributing to others can lead … Read more

255: How to Become Magnetic and Attract The Life You Desire with Amber Lyon

What was the last time you felt you truly attracted success, and what did that experience teach you? Magnetic coach Amber Lyon wants you to understand the power of a magnetic mindset and how it can transform your life. She encourages everyone to harness this mindset, as it not only brings about tangible successes but … Read more

250: Releasing Limiting Beliefs Through Self-Love with Julia Roman

Embracing self-love is a journey that requires genuine acceptance of our struggles and imperfections. Through this episode, we are reminded that self-love isn't selfish, rather, it's essential for fostering meaningful connections and positively impacting the world around us. Join us as we delve into an inspiring conversation with Julia Roman, exploring the profound impact of self-compassion and the shift that occurs when we embrace our inherent worthiness.

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How to Level Up Your Habits & Self Care

Healthy habits for 2024 that will improve your life 🌱 A framework for your habits + self care to create more balance, happiness & fulfillment.

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self love | how to truly love yourself 💓

What you need to know about self love & how to truly love yourself.

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A Slow Morning Routine ⛅️ Intentional, Mindful Wellness

Slow living, self care morning to start my day with intention, mindfulness and wellness. ⛅️

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Let’s Reset & Renew: Musings on Life + Lessons I’m Learning

Let's slow down, reset & renew—a glimpse of my life and the lessons I’ve been learning lately.

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231: Kristina Bazan on Nourishing Your Spirit & Creativity

Art, creativity, spirituality, fulfilment — they’re all interconnected. Join Aileen and entrepreneur and creator, Kristina Bazan, as they delve into the realm of the spirit and the self to discuss how our relationship with our own energies can influence ourselves internally, the work that we put out, and the world around us.

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228: Mental Health, Self-Care, & Living to the Fullest with Reese Regan

Mental health is an ongoing journey with struggles, ups and downs. It can be a challenging and exhausting experience, but it's important to remember that there is always hope for improvement. Every battle can teach us something new and valuable, leading us toward a brighter future. In this episode, Reese Regan joins Aileen to discuss the journey toward better mental health and her self-care practices and they delve into the significance of spirituality and living to the fullest!

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224: Emotional Wellness, Toxic Positivity, & Trauma w/ Whitney Goodman

Living a healthy, balanced life requires having good emotional health. Unfortunately, many people overlook this crucial element, and most of the time we hardly understand what is actually beneficial or not, like toxic positivity. In today's episode, we focus on how to take care of our emotional self, toxic positivity, dysfunctional family patterns, and understanding the definition of trauma on a higher level. Join us today in this information-packed episode with Whitney Goodman and learn more about emotional wellness to live a better life.

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