The Gentle Pursuit of Inner Joy & Fulfillment

Reflecting on my current mindset and chapter: living in alignment, abundance, and pursuing inner joy, purpose & fulfillment.

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226: Gretchen Rubin on Happiness, Human Nature, & Activating Your Five Senses

Although there are numerous ways and strategies to find happiness, it's important to recognize that not every pattern or strategy we observe from others will necessarily work for us. In this episode, Aileen speaks with Gretchen Rubin, a best-selling author, podcaster, and speaker who is known for her work on happiness, habits, and human nature. And together, they explore the concept of human nature and how it plays a role in our pursuit of happiness. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of activating your five senses to live a richer and more meaningful life.

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Remember Why You’re Here

Remember why you're here. Don't forget the things that really matter in life. Live a full, vibrant and beautiful life. Do the things you've wanted to do. Appreciate all that's already in front of you. ✨

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15 Habits of Happy People | Happiness Habits to Improve Your Life

What's the key to happiness? It might just start with your mindset and habits. Here's a list of 15 habits of happy people to help you in your pursuit of happiness.

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My Joy List | Things That Make Me Happy 💛

Have you considered creating a joy list? It's simple: List all the things that bring you joy. Then you can keep that list on your phone or on your wall, and make an effort to do more of those things often! Here are some things that currently bring me joy. What are yours? 😁

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65: How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t w/ Andrea Owen

Give yourself a break to be human and fall apart. We promise you will always come back out of the darkness and stop feeling like sh*t. Today’s guest, Andrea Owen, is a life coach who wants you to be a new kind of strong by feeling your feelings – all of them – instead of numbing and pushing them down.

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The Art of Finding Balance

balance blogSo many people talk about hustling hard, going fast, doing whatever it takes to get there. They view the journey as only a means to an end, rushing past the beauty of life in the present in hopes of making it to that future destination ASAP.

Admittedly, I've been there. But lately I've been reminded that this journey we're on should not feel like a means to an end. This journey we're on is the life we get to live. So how do you make the most of the journey? How do you enjoy living “now” while simultaneously hustling toward the future?

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Being Present

{ subscribe to get notified of new videos weekly } This video is inspired by a journey entry I wrote while traveling in Asia. Thought it’d be nice to put the words to clips from my travels to Taipei and Seoul. Hope you guys enjoy. Be alive, vibrant, and well! TRANSCRIPT During my travels, I’ve … Read more