144: How to Unplug & Be Gentle with Yourself w/ Carrie Rad

Stop taking things too seriously. The stress it causes you is probably causing those things to suffer as well – you're just not at your best. Today we have content creator Carrie Rad to share the value of taking care of yourself first, so you can be at your best for everything else.

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Remember Why You’re Here

Remember why you're here. Don't forget the things that really matter in life. Live a full, vibrant and beautiful life. Do the things you've wanted to do. Appreciate all that's already in front of you. ✨

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31: Gratitude, Health & Wellbeing w/ Angela Simson

Gratitude can be the best practice to change your life. Today's guest, Angela Simson, embraces gratitude to her body to live her happiest and healthiest life. As a nutrition health coach, she inspires hundreds of women to do the same. This episode is perfect for everyone learning to love and nourish their body.

Angela Simson Lavendaire

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Swimming with Love

I try to swim at least once a week. I started a “Swim Mondays” tradition in January and have been going pretty consistently since. Although Swim Mondays has turned into “Swim Any Day of the Week Before the Next Monday Comes,” I’m still quite proud of myself for picking up a new habit and getting … Read more