49: Art, Magic, and Mindful Rituals w/ Yumi Sakugawa

Are you incorporating magic into your creative practice? Today's guest, Yumi Sakugawa, is a comic book artist inspired by the universe and her own experiences as an Asian American woman. In this episode, Aileen and Yumi delve deep into creativity and darkness, how art pushes us towards an ideal future, and mindful morning routines.

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4: There is Magic and Serendipity in This World

In this episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen reflects on a trip to New York City that was so magical and serendipitous, it left her baffled. After seemingly disconnected yet extremely lucky things kept happening to her throughout that trip, Aileen is convinced that there is serendipity and magic in this world. You just have to be open … Read more