How to Build a Successful Brand & Business ft. Claire Thomas of Sweet Laurel Bakery

When women founders connect 🥰 Join me as I chat with Claire Thomas, co-founder of Sweet Laurel Bakery on building a brand & business.

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49: Art, Magic, and Mindful Rituals w/ Yumi Sakugawa

Are you incorporating magic into your creative practice? Today's guest, Yumi Sakugawa, is a comic book artist inspired by the universe and her own experiences as an Asian American woman. In this episode, Aileen and Yumi delve deep into creativity and darkness, how art pushes us towards an ideal future, and mindful morning routines.

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40: Strengthening Your Intuition w/ Jo ChunYan, Intuition Coach & Graphic Designer

Are you living out of fear of negative consequences? Practice living intuitively, instead. Today's guest, Jo ChunYan, blends graphic design and intuition coaching to live out her true, creative self. This episode will teach you how to listen to your intuition and strengthen it to choose your best path every day of your life.

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Artist of Life: Sorah Yang

sorah yang artist of life

Sorah Yang is an international hip hop dance teacher, choreographer, and singer from the Bay Area. Ever since I've known Sorah, she's always been a little fireball – tiny but mighty. This girl is strong, smart, and so empowering. I'm so excited to share her journey and lessons with you all.

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Artist of Life: Clarissa Wei

clarissa wei journalist

Clarissa Wei is a freelance journalist who recently backpacked across China, Taiwan, and Tibet for 9 months. She’s written stories for VICE, Eater, Los Angeles Times, and has appeared on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. This girl's got a taste for adventure and a drive to shift our society and environment. She's a living example of a true artist of life.

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Artist of Life: Karen Rosalie

karen rosalie photographer Introducing Artist of Life, a new series where I interview inspiring people who are actively creating their dream life. This first episode features Karen Rosalie, a fashion & product photographer best known for her work for Chriselle Lim on The Chriselle Factor and her signature high-contrast flat lays. She also happens to be one of the most inspiring humans I know. Karen Rosalie is a true artist of life.

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