252: Building a Unique Brand Identity with Julie Solomon

Sitting down at her kitchen table, Julie wrote out a blueprint that has become the foundation of her brand and business today. In this episode, we covered the power of authenticity and leveraging one’s unique background to create a successful brand and business. Personal branding coach, best-selling author, and chart-topping podcast host, Julie Solomon has … Read more

How to Build a Successful Brand & Business ft. Claire Thomas of Sweet Laurel Bakery

When women founders connect 🥰 Join me as I chat with Claire Thomas, co-founder of Sweet Laurel Bakery on building a brand & business.

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147: Be Ruthless With Your Time & Purpose w/ Tatcha Founder Vicky Tsai

Be honest: Do you respect your own time? If you aspire to live a purposeful and fulfilling life, you have to be intentional with how you spend your time. Or better yet: be RUTHLESS with it like Vicky Tsai, today's guest and founder of Tatcha, a luxury skincare line.

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How I Started My Business | Story of Lavendaire

Sharing the story of how I started Lavendaire, and how the business has evolved over the years. I get a lot of questions about starting a business, becoming a content creator or digital entrepreneur, so I hope this gives you some insight on the process.

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