Productivity Tips: How I Plan & Organize My Life

This post is sponsored by AMD. All opinions are my own.

Q4 is always the busiest time of year for Lavendaire. With the launch of the Artist of Life Workbook and new year content, it’s crucial that I plan ahead and stay organized in order to be productive. Today I’m sharing how I plan & organize my life to get things done, from how I organize my to-do list to how I plan my days & weeks. I’ll also share my tips on time management & overcoming procrastination. Thanks AMD for sponsoring this video.

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143: How to Become a Successful Content Creator w/ Anh Luu

Life as a content creator looks glamorous, but even your favorite creators get burnt out. And when social media is your job, burnout means you're suddenly in survival mode. Anh Luu, founder of Girl & the Word, shared her lessons and tips for staying afloat as a content creator.

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109: Discovering Self Love, Defining Success & Life as a Creator w/ Rowena Tsai

This episode's a highly-requested collaboration with YouTuber/creator Rowena Tsai! Rowena has her own channel on self care and productivity, and also Beauty Within: a beauty & lifestyle channel celebrating inner beauty and wellness.

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