how I plan a product launch as an entrepreneur (BTS, photoshoot, marketing) 🌻

We’re launching new Lavendaire products on 10/22! Here’s a behind the scenes vlog on running an online business as a creative entrepreneur.

Plan With Me: October 2021 🍁

Plan with me for October 2021! This is a monthly planning series where we reflect on our progress and goals, using each month to move towards our dream life. P.S. Our 2022 Artist of Life Workbook will be launching *Oct 22* at!

10 Money Lessons I Wish I Knew Earlier 💸

Sharing the some of my most valuable money lessons I wish I knew earlier in my life to help you navigate your finances better early on.

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Plan With Me: September 2021

Time to plan for September 2021! This is a plan with me series where we reflect on our progress and goals, using each month to move closer towards our dream life. Today we are reflecting on Aug & planning Sept.

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10 Tips for Healthy Productivity

What's most “productive” is living a high quality, fulfilling life. And that's not always about getting the *most* things done, but the getting the *right* things done. 🙂 Here are 10 of my top tips on being productive without burnout, overworking, or obsessing about efficiency.

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My Night Routine 2021

Relax and unwind with me in my updated evening routine.My evenings are typically spent on self care, yoga & stretching, reading, skincare & resetting for the next day. What is your favorite evening habit that nourishes you?

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how to become the MAIN CHARACTER in your life 🌟

Becoming the main character of your life, and living with more confidence, joy & style. Sending some main character energy your way ✨ Have fun romanticizing your life, because we ALL deserve to feel like a star.

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Journal With Me: Guided Journaling for Beginners

Journal with me! Make journaling a habit with this interactive video. Sharing 3 journaling prompts for 5 minutes each. Let me know if you enjoy these journal prompts & feel free to share your insights below.

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