how to have more compassion for yourself đź’“

When we learn to have more self compassion & self love, we’ll then have more compassion for others, and the world will be a more loving place.

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Self Love Shifts that Changed My Life

These are the self love habits & mindset shifts that have changed my life in the past few years. With these tips, I hope you can build more self esteem and self confidence.

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Self Love Journaling Prompts

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies!! 💗 Here are some self love journaling prompts to celebrate the amazingness that is YOU! Treat yourself to some extra love & self care today because you deserve it. You are worthy and you are whole. I love you for you and wish you all the best!

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Self Love

// Subscribe to Lavendaire to get notified of new videos weekly //  This past weekend I had one of those long late night talks about everything with my friend Christina—I want to share a bit of that conversation with you all on the topic of self love. She asked: What does it mean to love yourself? How can we … Read more