How to Raise Your Self Esteem, Confidence & Standards 👑 | High Value Traits

What are the traits of a high value woman / person? Breaking down the qualities of how to raise your standards, believe you are worthy & deserving, and become your ideal self.

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self love | how to truly love yourself 💓

What you need to know about self love & how to truly love yourself.

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How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough | Heal Your Self Worth

Tips and resources on how to stop feeling not good enough and heal your sense of self worth.

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How to Raise Your Self Esteem & Confidence (HOT GIRL ERA)

Let's talk about how to boost your self confidence, self esteem, and enter your hot girl era!

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Self Worth & Self Esteem | answering your questions

Let’s talk about self worth, self esteem, impostor syndrome, and more! Today I break down why we feel unworthy and not enough, the importance of learning emotional independence, and practical exercises to boost your self worth and confidence.

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self worth keepsakes (this one made me cry)

Self worth keepsakes = mementos I've kept that remind me to believe in myself and my worth. A lot of us have been conditioned by our parents, school, social media and society to feel “unworthy” or “not good enough” when in reality we are already so worthy. Like building up our self love, recognizing our self worth takes conscious effort.

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Self Love

// Subscribe to Lavendaire to get notified of new videos weekly //  This past weekend I had one of those long late night talks about everything with my friend Christina—I want to share a bit of that conversation with you all on the topic of self love. She asked: What does it mean to love yourself? How can we … Read more