Let’s Reset & Renew: Musings on Life + Lessons I’m Learning

Let's slow down, reset & renew—a glimpse of my life and the lessons I’ve been learning lately.

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How to Deal with Age Pressure & Social Clock

How do you feel about age pressure? What are you struggling the most with?

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5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Mom

Sharing life lessons from my Asian, refugee, single mom and how she's influenced me as a person & my outlook on life.

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The ONE thing you need to know to live your best life 💫

This is the ONE thing you need to tune into to stay aligned to living your best life. Knowing this will help you make better decisions & life choices, and be your compass to creating your most meaningful, fulfilling and successful path in life. Tap into your power and use what you got. You're here for a reason.

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How I figured out what to do with my life

Casual car vlog sharing how I figured out my career & what to do with my life. This was unplanned so it's messy & I didn't share all the details or tips that I could have. But hope you still got something from it nonetheless 🙃 Your early twenties are a time for self discovery and figuring things out (aka “soul searching). But it's also a beautiful time to decide HOW you want to create yourself and your life. That's what being an “artist of life” means.

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Life Advice EVERYONE Needs to Hear (especially graduates!)

Sharing life advice that everyone needs to hear—especially recent graduates! These are things that I would tell my younger self, and any recent college grad. Taking risks, getting to know your inner voice, being proactive, stretching your comfort zone, and investing in yourself.

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Liberation Kriya: Final Thoughts & Lessons

▸ How to do the Liberation Kriya: https://bit.ly/1sQN7pZ ▸ Liberation Kriya Previous Update Video: https://bit.ly/1tigvs8 Here are some (additional) lessons I’ve learned after completing the Liberation Kriya 40 day meditation: You will always have to put in effort. It never becomes completely effortless or too easy.  If you feel like the meditation (or journey) is effortless or easy, then … Read more

Grad Talk – Advice for New/Recent Grads

It’s been exactly two years since I graduated college! Since this Sunday lands on my exact grad date, I thought it’d be fitting to do a “Grad Talk” post and share some things I’d tell recent grads. Congratulations, class of 2014~ 1. Be excited to start your life!   You can take your life anywhere you … Read more