158: Don’t Keep Your Day Job w/ Cathy Heller


Cathy Heller doesn't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but her words are a necessary reminder: “Your purpose isn't something you discover under a rock.” Today we're talking about developing your purpose over time, with an open mind, active listening, and a love for meaningful connection.

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How I figured out what to do with my life

Casual car vlog sharing how I figured out my career & what to do with my life. This was unplanned so it's messy & I didn't share all the details or tips that I could have. But hope you still got something from it nonetheless 🙃 Your early twenties are a time for self discovery and figuring things out (aka “soul searching). But it's also a beautiful time to decide HOW you want to create yourself and your life. That's what being an “artist of life” means.

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