105: Manifesting Your Desired Reality w/ Kimberley Wenya


If manifestation and the law of attraction has ever seemed too “woo” for you, this is your sign to think again and keep an open mind. Today's guest, Kimberley Wenya, is a manifestation and spiritual mindset coach who wants to bridge the gap between the “woo woo” and modern girl spirituality. Manifestation starts simply with being aware of your energy and thoughts, then deciding which thoughts you want to lead your life.

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Manifestation Habits That Changed My Life | Law of Attraction Tips

Ever since I learned about the law of attraction, I've tried different manifesting methods just to see what would make a real change in my life. Looking back, I did some “weird” things that normal people probably don't do lol.

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Manifesting & Trust | Dream Life Series #6

Let's talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, and trusting the universe. Join the Dream Life Series and start working on today's “scripting” journal prompt to help you manifest your desires.

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