183: Plant Witchery, Self Care & Spiritual Activism w/ Juliet Diaz

If you’re tired of buying crystals and candles in the name of self care, Juliet Diaz’s got your back. She shares how to treat self care as your birth right, ways to appreciate nature on a deeper level, and how to connect with yourself and your magic within.

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182: African Spirituality, Shadow Work & Manifesting w/ Abiola Abrams

Have you ever wondered why you don’t know much about African spirituality? Abiola Abrams explains why it’s no accident her culture has been excluded from mainstream spirituality, and how her work will empower you to discover your goddess within.

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181: People Pleasing, Inner Child Healing & Self Worth w/ Jasmine Lipska

Have you ever been told you’re “too much”? Jasmine Lipska is back to talk about healing your inner child, breaking free from external validation, and recovering from being a lifelong people-pleaser.

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Manifesting & Trust | Dream Life Series #6

Let's talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, and trusting the universe. Join the Dream Life Series and start working on today's “scripting” journal prompt to help you manifest your desires.

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5 Questions to Create an Amazing Year in 2015

new year planning

Feeling excited for the fresh year? Put it to good use!

Today, I present five questions that will help you close 2014 with a bang and create an amazing year for yourself in 2015. The new year is probably one of my favorite times of the year because there is so much energy, hope, and drive to live our fullest…

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