5 Minute Morning Meditation for Abundance

Start your day with this 5 minute meditation for abundance, positive energy and powerful visualization.

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Money Affirmations: Attract Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth

Enjoy these positive affirmations for money, wealth, abundance and prosperity. 

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105: Manifesting Your Desired Reality w/ Kimberley Wenya

If manifestation and the law of attraction has ever seemed too “woo” for you, this is your sign to think again and keep an open mind. Today's guest, Kimberley Wenya, is a manifestation and spiritual mindset coach who wants to bridge the gap between the “woo woo” and modern girl spirituality. Manifestation starts simply with being aware of your energy and thoughts, then deciding which thoughts you want to lead your life.

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70: Listening to Your Inner GPS w/ Lynn Robinson

Are you allowing your inner GPS to guide you in the right direction? Today’s guest, Lynn Robinson is an bestselling author and leader speaker on developing and trusting our intuition. Through her books and intuitive reading sessions, she helps people reach personal clarity and an understanding of their true calling.

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22: Money, Investing, & Financial Freedom w/ Sugar Mamma Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell shares her financial knowledge to show us that investing doesn’t have to be scary, and that we can all cultivate an abundance mindset for money. Listen in to hear how Canna came up with an extra $32,000 outside of her salary for her blog’s investing project, and all the resources she recommends for … Read more