213: Delyanne the Money Coach on Financial Freedom

What if you didn’t have to wait 60 years to start enjoying your life on your terms? Financial independence means having enough money to afford your living expenses for the rest of your life, allowing you to live comfortably without money-related stress. While that might seem out of reach, early retirement is possible. Delyanne The Money Coach shares how she did it with the right balance of saving, investing, and paying off debt. Life is too short to live it on someone else’s terms. Invest in your freedom and live fully.

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Investing in Stocks & Crypto: Tips for the Beginner Investor

Aileen Xu also known as Lavendaire holding a phone to share about crypto currency and stocks for beginners on investing

Let's talk about investing! 💰 I'm sharing how & why you should start investing, bc building financial freedom is an important part in any dream life. This is based off my personal experience investing in stocks & crypto (bitcoin, ethereum & alt coins). I am NOT an expert or financial advisor. Please do your own research by consulting credible resources. Links below!

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22: Money, Investing, & Financial Freedom w/ Sugar Mamma Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell shares her financial knowledge to show us that investing doesn’t have to be scary, and that we can all cultivate an abundance mindset for money. Listen in to hear how Canna came up with an extra $32,000 outside of her salary for her blog’s investing project, and all the resources she recommends for … Read more