184: Bitcoin, Money Systems & Women in Crypto w/ Natalie Brunell

Have you ever felt like you can’t get by in life no matter how much you work? Natalie Brunell believes the solution lies in Bitcoin. She explains Bitcoin for beginners, how it can revolutionize money for the average person (especially women), and just how broken our financial systems are.

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honest intro to crypto, NFTs, Web3 for beginners

Honest talk about crypto, NFTs, the metaverse, blockchain gaming, Web3 + a guide on how to get started w/ crypto for beginners. 

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Investing in Stocks & Crypto: Tips for the Beginner Investor

Aileen Xu also known as Lavendaire holding a phone to share about crypto currency and stocks for beginners on investing

Let's talk about investing! 💰 I'm sharing how & why you should start investing, bc building financial freedom is an important part in any dream life. This is based off my personal experience investing in stocks & crypto (bitcoin, ethereum & alt coins). I am NOT an expert or financial advisor. Please do your own research by consulting credible resources. Links below!

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