190: Astrology for Healing, Business & Self Acceptance w/ Chani Nicholas

Life is a chaotic circus. One minute things could feel great, and the next things could seem absolutely awful. Amidst it all you might have asked yourself “What am I even doing?” and “Do I even have free will?” Chani Nicholas shares how astrology can help us cope with uncertainty, nurture self-acceptance and reveal our life’s purpose.

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7: Embrace Your Failures

Today I reflect on a series of failures that altered the course of my life. It was a time in my life where I felt incredibly stuck and overwhelmed with self doubt and fear, but I had to get honest with myself about what I truly wanted in life, even if it wasn’t easy. Looking back, I see … Read more

Fighting Resistance (The War of Art / Life)

Resistance – it’s that weird force that keeps us from doing what we really want to do. Resistance doesn’t want us to grow, it wants us to stay the same. Resistance loves comfort. The War of Art has recently opened my eyes to how resistance can lurk everywhere in our lives, and if we’re not … Read more