207: Taking Risks for a Fulfilling Life w/ Alan Ying

Taking risks is terrifying. Most of us actively avoid taking risks believing that doing nothing is a safer course of action. Well, it turns out that taking risks is the least risky thing you can do to live a fulfilling life. Things might not always turn out the way you hoped, but if you live aligned with your “why,” research suggest that you will benefit emotionally. Live your life to the fullest, follow your heart and always ask yourself “what would I regret the most?”

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My Personal Journey So Far

[Watch on YouTube: Clickable timestamps for skipping are in the the YT description box] Sharing my personal life journey to follow up my recent vlog on taking your biggest risks while you’re young. Senior year of college was when I started the real journey to discovering myself, my purpose, and my honest goals in life. I’m … Read more

Best Piece of Advice I Received From Business School

The best piece of advice that I received while in business school at USC was this: Take your biggest risks while you’re young. Why? Because: You have nothing (or little) to lose. As you get older, you acquire more and more responsibilities (marriage, children, house, bills) that make it harder to take big risks. Take … Read more