it gets better (laughing/cringing at my old self)

Little reminder that it gets better. Keep trying, keep striving. You'll get there, my dear. I had this thought that I wanted to share in the moment, so here's a casual vlog with some clips down memory lane. I laugh & cringe at myself. While editing this I was thinking “ok I really hope people don't use these clips to blackmail me. why am I doing this to myself. ok ok fine do it for the sake of being honest” LOL.

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Dream Life Update: Where I Am Now

A chatty life update on my dream life journey, where I am now and what I've learned lately. I'm so grateful for all that I've learned and all the confidence I've gained over the years. Here's to more years of growth and evolution. Love you all 💕

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My Personal Journey So Far

[Watch on YouTube: Clickable timestamps for skipping are in the the YT description box] Sharing my personal life journey to follow up my recent vlog on taking your biggest risks while you’re young. Senior year of college was when I started the real journey to discovering myself, my purpose, and my honest goals in life. I’m … Read more