Dream Life Update: Where I Am Now

A chatty life update on my dream life journey, where I am now and what I've learned lately. I'm so grateful for all that I've learned and all the confidence I've gained over the years. Here's to more years of growth and evolution. Love you all 💕

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Clarify What You Want | Dream Life Series #3

It's time to clarify what you want and envision your dream life! Create a life plan using the vision exercises mentioned today.

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Rediscover Yourself & What Matters to You | Dream Life Series #2

Get to know yourself better in this segment of the Dream Life Series! Rediscover yourself (your strengths, passions, values and so much more) using the free worksheet here.

Do you know yourself well? Are you confident in what makes you unique? Are you utilizing your gifts, strengths and full potential?

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Master Your Mindset: 7 Shifts & Habits | Dream Life Series #1

In order to make your dream life a reality, you first have to master your mindset. To get the journal prompts that go along with this video, Sign up for the Dream Life Series here.

Creating your dream life begins with having the right MINDSET. Here are seven mindset shifts and habits you need to master in order to set your dream life in motion and find success in your journey. I've learned to rewire my mindset over time – and I'm still learning to do so. There's always more to master, but these 7 habits are a great place to start.

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How I Changed My Life | Dream Life Series

You have the power to create a life you love. Join the Dream Life Series here.

Today I'm reflecting on how I changed my life over the years. Lavendaire began as a space to share my journey figuring out how to create my dream life… Now, I'm so grateful to be living it and I'm ready to share a thoughtful series on how you can make your dreams a reality too.

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