The Gentle Pursuit of Inner Joy & Fulfillment

Reflecting on my current mindset and chapter: living in alignment, abundance, and pursuing inner joy, purpose & fulfillment.

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237: Joyce Pring: The Journey of Purpose, Growth, and Showing up for Yourself

It can be tough to figure out your purpose in this life, all while trying to balance a career, motherhood, family, and making time to care for yourself. The journey may be long and hard, and you might get stuck at where to begin.

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225: Living with Purpose – Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Modern Times w/ Sylvie Tran

Do you ever feel like there's something missing in your life? Are you searching for a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment? You're not alone. Many people struggle with finding their purpose and understanding their place in the world. In this podcast, Aileen talks to another lavi love Sylvie Tran about her journey to becoming a healing practitioner and how the Ancient Chinese Wisdom helps her discover her purpose in life.

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How to Find Your Why: Purpose & Life Path

How did I find my why? Let's talk about how to discover your purpose and choose your life path, starting from what's most important and foundational.

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170: Defining and Unraveling your Dharma w/ Sahara Rose

 “It’s less about improving yourself and more about getting to know yourself.” Sahara Rose is back on the podcast to talk about how the meaning of life is living your purpose. Sahara has been called “a leading voice in the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra and is a Best Selling Author of Eat Feel Fresh, Idiots Guide to Ayurveda, A Yogic Path and Discover Your Dharma. In this episode we're talking about unraveling your soul's purpose, channeling intuitive downloads, and doing what makes you feel expansive rather than contractive.

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3: You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out. Keep Exploring, Don’t Settle.

In today’s episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen talks about feeling lost and frustrated at not knowing what to do with her life after graduation. Determined to discover her true calling, Aileen decides to follow her curiosities and explore everything that she’s drawn to. This episode is a reminder that you don’t have to have … Read more

Living My Dream Life Now

Aileen Haleakala

In a culture where we're always striving for “more success, more money, more ______,” I've been “wanting” pretty often.

For so long I've been striving to create the life that I want—holding that big picture over my head and looking to the stars to my dream life. It's dazzling and wondrous. And it's always just out of reach.

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Find Those Moments Where You Shine

Best part of this video is that I get to abuse my favorite emoji and insert some kawaii sounds ^_^. But yes, find those moments where you SHINE, where you find yourself in a blissful state of flow and you are at your best. Take note of those moments, and create opportunities to do more … Read more

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

I believe that everybody has a purpose. Everybody exists for a reason, and we’re all meant to to contribute to the world in our unique way. Each person is blessed with a unique set of talents, skills, life experience, etc. that enable him or her to do something in the world. That “something” is his or her purpose. … Read more

Welcome to Lavendaire

Ahhh, so refreshing. I’m incredibly excited as I’m putting this new blog, vlog, and brand together. I’m not quite sure where to start, because I feel like I’ve been writing this blog my entire life—in my journals and occasionally on my personal blog. I write everyday but it never gets out there—all of my thoughts … Read more