186: Human Design: Make Better Decisions & Work Smarter w/ Erin Claire Jones

Want to stop getting frustrated when people don’t operate the same way you do? Erin Claire Jones breaks down human design as a tool to understand why people are they way they are, how to make the most of these differences at work and in your relationships, and what your human design type needs to feel empowered and in balance.

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154: Human Design: Discover Your Potential w/ Erin Claire Jones

If you're fascinated by self discovery tools like the MBTI or the enneagram, this episode is perfect for you. We have Erin Claire Jones on the show to teach us about Human Design: an intricate tool to help you navigate life with more harmony and alignment to what feels right.

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How to Find Motivation in Life & Live to Your Fullest Potential

Breaking down some ways to find motivation in life again and start living to your fullest potential. The breakthrough concept I talk about at the end came from unpacking the layers of what makes us unmotivated, lazy and uninspired in life. What are the deeper reasons we choose not to step into our full potential? What holds us back from being truly great?

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How to Find Your Purpose in Life

I believe that everybody has a purpose. Everybody exists for a reason, and we’re all meant to to contribute to the world in our unique way. Each person is blessed with a unique set of talents, skills, life experience, etc. that enable him or her to do something in the world. That “something” is his or her purpose. … Read more